Update 4.1 - Insidious Bugs

  • New texts to be found :

    The litany of Die2Nite becomes even richer than before with many new texts to be found.

  • The Watchmen will remain at their posts :

    The bugs relating to the nights watch have been corrected. Certain objects collected for use in a watch or otherwise occasionally disappeared without giving the correct defensive bonus. Objects in chests didn't disappear after a watch.

    The defense taking into account the statuses of the watchmen is worked out prior to the attack.

  • Construction Modifications :

    Certain construction sites have undergone slight modifications:

    • The Moat is no longer a temporary construction.
    • The Gallows is no longer a temporary construction.
    • The Meat Locker is now a standard plan available immediately.
    • The Water Turret now gives a 20% bonus to all water weapons used during the nights watch.
    • The Small Trebuchet now gives a 20% bonus for animals used, and also stops watchmen becoming terrified during a watch.
  • Blueprints :

    Ruins in the World Beyond now offer more plans to citizens righteous enough to explore their darkest corners.

  • A Kick to the Ghouls :

    Common suspicious objects no longer transform hungry citizens into ghouls, however, the traveller's corpse has a 90% chance of ghoulifying a citizen. Be careful where you sink your teeth...

  • Picto Hunters :

    Certain players have shamelessly exploited a flaw in the game which allowed them to suicide and still gain all the goodies they shouldn't have gotten on the first day. These players have earned the right to be ineligible for the new distinction: Good Guy.
    Ain't karma beautiful, baby?

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