Update 3.1 - Going Underground

  • Abandoned Buildings :

    From now on you will be able to explore 3 types of buildings which you'll find scattered throughout the World Beyond:

    • Bunkers: former centers of research and experimentation into the zombie menace, these buildings are nothing but zombie-infested mazes concealing a wealth of useful resources!
    • Hospitals: back when humans still worried about their natural life expectancy, they constructed vast buildings at the cutting edge of medical technology. Since the attack of the zombie hordes, these places are only good for scavenging - on the plus side, you'll find almost everything here!
    • Motels: huge, deluxe hotels where the wealthy thought they could escape the inevitable, these places reward the most daring explorers.
    You will find one building placed randomly on standard maps, and up to 2 buildings on maps of distant regions. Each of these buildings will contain blueprints which will be extremely useful for your town.
  • Jump Limits : The MetaCap (jump limit) has been removed. Enjoy! ;)
  • Construction project rebalancing : Construction projects have been adjusted, the majority of which now require less resources for their completion!
    The defensive values of certain buildings have been modified.
  • The Technician : A new profession has appeared. The technician has additional action points dedicated solely to the construction of new projects, and also has all the tools of a master burgl... locksmith which allows them to come to the aid of explorers in trouble in the ruins.
  • The Survivalist : The hermit's tongue swells day by day. Is this due to the fact that the hermit goes for days at a time without uttering a single word? Or is it simply down to the random assortment of strange things they tend to snack on? Nonetheless, there are none more skilled when it comes to finding food or a good place to hide in the World Beyond.
  • Citizen Escorts : This feature allows citizens to get involved with more distant and dangerous expeditions without necessarily having to be present for the whole event. Escort mode also allows you to conduct rescue missions into the World Beyond more easily...
  • Evolution of the Scavenger : The scavenger has a new advantage.
    Equipped with a 50% larger oxygen reserve than other citizens, the scavenger can explore abandoned buildings in more depth, and bring back more resources for the community.
  • Bug Fixes : Lots of bugs have been corrected:
    • Bug in the Garbage Dump.
    • Problem with the Wall Upgrade construction projects.
    • Bug allowing the town to survive only using personal defences.
    • Display bug affectingthe location on SOS message posts.
    • Display bug involving Heroic Actions at the Town Gates.
    • Hero day gift bug.
    • Water Turret descriptions updated.
    • And more...
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