Update 4.7 - Enter the Sandman

  • News :

    You've barely got your head around this whole democracy thing and boom! It's coming for you again!

    Vote for the Guide to the World Beyond! This new role will help you organise your expeditions and grant you an extra control point for each person in their zone.

    The big return of the Firewords building. This time round it's a permanent building, bring your sunglasses next time your come past...

    There's a new win for the Towns ranked 15-35.

  • Improvements :
    • The technician can now use their construction points to improve their own houses...
    • The technician can open a container with nothing but their bear (sic) hands and their construction points.
    • No more violent drunks on the town forums.
  • Minor :
    • The voting system has had a makeover! Now the person who receives the most votes will be elected each time (not like some places eh). The non voters will still have their votes given out to whoever. Vote or DIE!
    • Voting now appears in your list of daily actions. No excuses people!
    • We fidddles with the Pro Watchmen hero upgrade. Now you have less survival chancem but better resistance to fatigue.
    • No more hijacking the {habitant} format on the forums.
  • BugFixes :

    With about as much order as a Black Friday stampede:

    • The technician now actually receives his wins as soon as he uses his construction points.
    • Using an object in escort mode has been fixed, particularly with the Shamanic Potion.
    • The night penalty on depleted ares is now calculated and applied correctly.
    • The tortured souls in dead citizens chests are now counted in the attack. Get em outta there!
    • Fixes to the CSS in general. Game less ugly.
    • You can now see the gazette correctly from the World Beyond.
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