Update 2.0 - A Chemical Necromancy

  • Construction Blueprints : An invigorating breeze is blowing through the dusty building sites of Die2Nite... Discover the site plans, a vast collection of almost 140 construction projects with a huge range of results! The blueprints can be found in many ways: in the World Beyond, by camping, by constructing other buildings... Many new strategies are now open to you!
  • Modifications to Professions : The Scout can now examine as yet undiscovered buildings in the World Beyond to find out exactly what they are. The Guardian brings extra defence points to the town (and can provide even more if you complete the correct construction projects).
  • Attack Adjustments : The attack strength of the horde has been totally changed. The early attacks will be less horrific, but attacks from day 15 onwards will become much more challenging. The new system for calculating the attacks greatly reduces the effect of "open gates" which usually results in the whole town being overrun with zeds. It will therefore be possible for a town to survive a monstrous attack for the bargain price of a few human lives.
  • Jump Limits : There are new restrictions for those of you wishing to join a town. Each map can accommodate no more than 20 "coalition members". One place is taken each time: a citizen joins a town with their coalition (randomly or otherwise), or when a Hero chooses this town from the list.
  • New construction interface : The construction projects page has been reworked. It is now more practical, and lets you see the town's stocks and resources better than before if you activate "detailed" mode (Link at the bottom of the Construction Sites page).
  • Hero Power(Dictator v2.0) : The Hero power "Dictator" now allows Heroes to share their expert advice by "recommending" one project per day. The site with the most recommendations will appear at the top of the list in order to help less experienced players. This power remains available after only 1 month of playing as a Hero.
  • Hero Power (Architect) : this power allows you to begin each new town with a "common" blueprint in your possession.
  • Non-distant Regions : Non-distant regions or will benefit from "special treatment" to facilitate the integration of new players: pre-fabricated buildings, automatic recommendations, smaller maps, etc...
  • Camping Modifications : The chances of surviving while camping in open countryside (no building in the zone) are now reduced. this is also the case if the town is devastated. Successfully camping in a building will be rewarded with a construction blueprint (uncommon in nearby buildings, rare in faraway buildings).
  • Coalitions & absences : From now on, a player that has not logged recently will automatically be classed as unavailable in their coalition.
  • A shedload of adjustments : Lots of minor corrections and bug fixes including: a new distinction for repairing buildings, the Heroic Return power is now limited to 11km, and the prices of upgrading your house have been revised.
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