Your Soul

In Die2Nite, existence is futile. Short-lived if you will. You will die often, but death is never that serious!

Your soul tells the story of all your incarnations. The memories of all your past lives is stored here, along with your position in the Overall Rankings and Distinctions awarded.


Every time you die, you are awarded Distinctions for many things you have done during the game: number of zombies killed, rare objects found, etc...

Distinctions show what you have achieved during your lives and can be seen on your profile page by other players.

Warning: if you die, distinctions earned on the last day will not be awarded (a few distinctions are exceptions to this rule, for example: banishment distinctions, distinctions relating to death, etc.)

In any event, starting on day5, this rule will not apply any more: all distinctions you earn will be awarded. In the Non-Distant Regions, as soon as you have 100 soul points, no distinction is valid before the 8th day.


Certain distinctions unlock titles: when you earn a certain number of a given distinction, a special title will appear on your page!

Example: you will receive a "Floored zombie" distinction for each member of ther living-dead that you eliminate. After 100, the title "Mutilator" will appear on your profile! Continue to eliminate zombies and eventually a new title will appear.

If you want to display a particular title next to your name, go to Your Soul and click on the desired title.

Soul Points (ranking)

Every day you spend in a town gives you points. The first few days only give a few points, but the longer you survive, the more points you'll earn!

These soul points will determine your position in the Overall Rankings.

As soon as a player amasses more than 100 soul points, all future lives will begin in towns inhabited by players who also have over 100 points (allowing the best players to play together).

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