The World Beyond

The World beyond is the desert which surrounds the town and stretches as far as the eye can see. Paradoxically, it is a place which is dangerous but at the same time essential for survival.

If the humans shut themselves away in their town, they will soon be overrun by zombie hordes and perish. They must gather items to improve their daily life and defend themselves. It is essential to go outside the town to find these objects and materials.

How to get to the World Beyond?

To visit the World Beyond, go to the Town Gates section... open the gates and proceed with extreme caution! Remember the following 3 rules:

  • Take food or water with you.
  • Always ensure you are back inside the gates before 23h00 (server time) (or you will be devoured by the Hordes...)
  • Close the town gates before 23h00 (server time), or the zombies will rush into the town and wreak havoc on the citizens...
This "cocktail" is disgusting, but at least it's expensive... PeteR