The Watchmen

Who are they?

To defend you town against the Hordes, there are several solutions. One of those is to join the Watchmen.

When you decide to become a watchman:

  • You have to choose your weapons and place them in your rucksack
  • Make sure to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your profession, and your state of health
  • All weapons or defensive objects used on the watch will be destroyed once it is over, weapons with multiple charges will use one during the watch.

How does it work?

During the attack, if the zombies breach the town defences, the watchmen intevene:

  • The zombies will attack watchmen at random
  • Each watchman uses the weapons stored in their rucksack
  • Your status affects your capacity to defend the town, along with your chances of survival. Warning! Your status will evolve before the attack, so if you are injured before you become a Watchman, when the attack comes, you will already be infected!!

What are the risks?

A watchman has a 10% chance of being wounded or terorized and a 5% chance of being killed during the attack of the Hordes...

Guardians have a survival bonus of 5%. Therefore they can reasonably expect to return home safe from a night's watch.

What if my bottle goes?

You can abandon your post until 22h59.

That doesn't mean to say that your fellow townspeople will appreciate the gesture...

Warning, if the number of attacking zombies is greater than the town's defences, the watchmen's chances of surviving are drastically reduced! This is the moment at which you'll see the true defenders of the town.

I know, I know. The food is awful but at least it doesn't move when you're trying to tuck in. Unknown