The Community

To communicate is to survive

Just as the Scout is an important job in the community because he is a vital source of information, everyone, regardless of their job title, has a role to play. Admittedly, it is possible to survive alone, but maybe this solution is best kept for when there is a shortage of people to repel the Horde... However, at the start of your new existence, allying with your fellow citizens is the best way to build a strong town and the best way to gather objects and resources from the World Beyond more easily.

The Bank

In order to construct buildings and build the town's defences, community-spirited adventurers can give the fruits of their scavenging to the town if they so desire. For example, giving pieces of sheet metal which were recovered from old aircraft cabins can be used to reinforce the armour plating on the outer walls. In the same way, wood or metal given to the town can be used in the construction of community buildings.

As the saying goes: Share nothing, give nothing, that's the best way to get eaten.

The Forum and message boxes

The Forum and the various communication boxes around important places in town are the places of choice for meeting people, discussing strategies and having a laugh. It is also where you will find SOS calls from adventurers who are lost in the desert or who have found themselves in a bad situation...

The Chronicle

Every night, after the Horde have come and gone, the surviving citizens publish a newspaper which reports on the important events of the day.

Citizen's Bureau

It is in the Citizen's Bureau that you will find fellow citizens with whom you might travel the World Beyond.

Private Messaging

If you wish to discuss something in private with another adventurer, the messaging tool is what you need. Go to the Citizens section of the site, then click on a citizen's house. Click the button Leave a note on their door. This is how you can create group strategies or conspire against other players...

Warning: You can only read your private messages when you are in the town.

If you're on an expedition and you sense danger, stay calm, wait a second, get your Nikes on and RUN FORREST, RUUUUUUNNNN!!! Unknown