The Attack of the Hordes

Every night, at 23h00 (server time), the hordes of living dead attack the town. Each attack consists of a certain number of zombies.

Phase 1: The Return of the Living Dead

All the citizens who died in the town the night before and whose corpse has not been destroyed or dumped in the desert will rise again! As they are already within the town walls, they'll do untold damage!

The dead who have been dumped in the desert will attack the town as one of the Horde.

Phase 2: The Town's Defences

For every defence point the town has amassed, one zombie will be blocked.
Furthermore, every citizen's house will contribute half it's defensive value.

Eg: if the town's buildings give 5 defence points and one citizen has a house with 2 defence points, the total number of defence points will be 5 + 2/2 = 6 points.

Eg: if the town has 7 defence points, 7 attacking zombies will be blocked every night.

Warning: If the Town Gates are open, none of the town's defences will count!

Phase 3: Citizens under attack

Each zombie that isn't blocked will attack a citizen's house. If the citizen has less defence points than the number of zombies who are attacking him, they will be eaten alive in their home!

if a citizen manages to repel the zombie attack, they will nonetheless be terrorised unless they have something to make them forget the awful event...

The Last Attack :

If the attack kills all the residents, one of them will be will be selected to win the Last Man Standing title! Read more on the Last Man Standing here.

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