Having chosen to live in the most extreme solitude, the Survivalist is the guy nobody has talked to in years. The good thing is, that they have learned how to always get by on their own when it comes down to it. A Survivalist will always find something edible (food or water), regardless of where they are in the desert and when they want to find it.

Your precious guide, entitled "Junior Woodchuck's Scouting Manual". Even though it may seem like a children's book, it contains a wealth of information on how to survive alone in the wild. It allows you to easily find something to eat or drink.

How do I play as a Survivalist?

As you no longer need to carry food, you should always have what you need on your person, no matter where you are. When other citizens risk dying of hunger the morning after some extreme camping, you will always be able to find a juicy worm or a root to nibble on.

Attention, Survivalist! You can only use this ability once per day: you will only be able to find one item of food OR some water.

You also have an advantage when extreme camping: for a normal citizen, the chances of survival are capped at 90% (as for most people there is always an inherent risk of dying at 23h00 (server time)). A Survivalist is unconcerned with "most people": if they take care of business, they have a 100% chance of survival.

The Survivalist, being a cantankerous neurotic with sociopathic tendancies, will only be able to find water or food once they are at a distance of 3km from the town.

A bone on the ground is a once lost friend, found. Unknown