Ruin exploration

Advanced explorations allow citizens to visit forgotten ruins in the World Beyond to search them for resources and plans to help you survive for as long as possible.

Once you have found a special building, you will be given the choice of entering the building or not, but remember - a wounded or terrified citizen cannot enter such claustrophobic areas. These places are swarming with zombies, you'll need to find a way to get rid of these creatures to make the most of your discovery.

When you are exploring, you will only find resources in rooms, only resources dropped by other players will be found on the ground in the corridors. Sometimes you will come across locked doors which will require a certain key to open them, but you'll notice the former residents quite often abandoned their keys in their haste to get out, all you need to do is find the right ones.

As you know, nothing is ever simple here, the air filling these buildings which have been abandoned for so long is saturated with a toxic substance which stops you from staying in the building for too long.

An oxygen meter lets you keep an eye on how much time you have remaining to search the building before you die horrifically from ingesting the toxic air. it is imperative that you get out of the winding corridors before time runs out or you will be seriously wounded and you will lose any and all objects you found on your trip. There is only one entrance to these buildings, which also means it's your only way out Einstein. Don't get greedy and take unnecessary risks by venturing too far inside these labyrinths...

Here are the rules you'll need to live by when in zombie territory if you ever want to see your cherished shack again:

  • Due to the cramped nature of these buildings, only one citizen can enter a building at a given time. Once a citizen has left, another may take their place.
  • Due to the high levels of exposure to toxic substances during explorations, a citizen will only be able to enter a building once per day, subsequent exposure could lead to an agonizing death.
  • To escape the zombies populating these areas, aside from using offensive objects, bad breath and colourful language, you can choose to "Flee" which allows you to escape but uses up some of your oxygen. However, if you retrace your steps, you will come across the same number of zombies as before.
  • The noise made by adventurers in the World Beyond means that some zombies enter the building every day. The best idea is to search the zone thoroughly as quickly as possible, before the area becomes infested.
  • Nobody can come to help you in these nightmarish places, which means that control points have no meaning here, so you should be as organized as possible to get the most benefit from these buildings.
  • Watch the clock - if you find yourself inside a building at 23h00 (server time), you have as much chance of surviving as a juicy steak in the town square!

As these buildings have a direct link to the origin of the zombie outbreak, it's normal that they haven't already been stripped of resources by every passer-by. They still contain loads of valuable resources and construction blueprints. Unfortunately, maps of these buildings have been impossible to find, but there is no doubt that the most basic approaches will be the ones adopted to search the zone as efficiently as possible.

Be positive! You're going to die. Every time. Unknown