Private towns

Private towns allow you to easily play with friends, or to create *theme towns*.

How do they work?

A private town works as follows:

  • go to the "play" page when you die, then click on the "private towns" tab,
  • you have to have unlocked the "Mayor" Hero skill,
  • when you create the town, you will need to choose a secret code which you must give to participating players so that they can join your game,
  • certain features can be freely modified (water stocks, map type, ...).

Special Rules

The following rules apply to all private towns:

  • Locked Gates: the town gates cannot be opened if less than 40 players have joined the town.
  • Soul Points: dying in a private town will only earn one third of the normal number of points.
  • Distinctions: only a third of distinctions normally given will be awarded in private towns (the rest are lost). Rare distinctions cannot be earned in private towns.
  • Last man standing: dying in a private town never earns the LMS distinction.
  • Cancellation: a private town will be cancelled if it has not been filled within 2 days. Its creator will have any Hero days invested returned and any participating players will leave the town.
  • Ranking: these towns will not be counted in the official rankings.

Reserved places

You can enter a list of 39 players (minimum) when you create a town, so that everyone has a place reserved. Each nickname must be spelt correctly and separated by a comma (spaces are ignored). Once the town has been created, the list can no longer be modified!

Example: player01, player02, thingy_from_chicago

Attention! If a player's name is not down, they're not getting in. If too many players decide not to participate, your town will never start and will automatically be cancelled.

therefore, it is strongly recommended to include more than 39 names to have some players in reserve.

One day, a pastor went on a crusade against the evil Horde. It would appear that there were more of the latter. He never returned. Unknown