Local view

Once you pass through the town gates, this map becomes your only means of navigation in the World Beyond.

Click on the arrows [1], to move in your chosen direction.

The Map button [2] allows you to see the area surrounding the town, and what has been discovered.

World Map

The bright green square [1] indicates your position

Zones coloured orange, red or blue [2] indicate the presence of zombies. Be extremely careful if you venture into these sectors alone!

The Tags button [3] allows you to view the markers which have been placed on the map by other players (or yourself). This allows players to highlight dangerous zones, or zones containing important objects etc.

The Global button [4] allows you to see as much of the world as has been explored by the citizens of the town(and not just what you have discovered on your expeditions).

Finally, the Expeditions button [5] allows you to display any expeditions planned by any citizen.

Types of zone

  • An unknown sector, you have never set foot here personally. In Global mode, these sectors have never been visited by anyone.
  • A sector which has been visited over the last few days, but not today. what you don't know though, is if there are still any zombies there...
  • The Town: if you want to stay alive, you have to make it back here or find another solution.
  • This square indicates the presence of a building or a ruin to explore. Buildings generally contain the best objects!
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