I'm annoyed!

If a player of Die2Nite is being abusive on the forums (insults, off-topic posts...), you can report the message(s) they have posted. Simply click on the "(Report)" link which can be found next to the date of the forum in question.

The crow will look into your request, and will take any action deemed necessary against the user.

The following actions should be reported:

  • flooding (repetition of identical messages on the forum),
  • posting anything contrary to the spirit of public order and decency
  • posting anything of an abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or revisionist nature, or anything which could potentially harm the reputation of, or is disrespectful to a player,
  • posts encouraging discrimination or hatred directed at an individual or group of people based on ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership of a specific ethnic group, nationality, race or religion,
  • threatening an individual or group of people,
  • posts concerning anything of a zoophile or paedophile nature,
  • posts of a urological or scatological nature, any content of a generally degrading nature or which undermines a person's character or integrity,
  • posts inciting the commission of an offence, crime, act of terrorism, or posts justifying or praising war crimes or crimes against humanity,
  • directly or indirectly granting third party access to pirated software, software serial numbers, software or programs facilitating acts of piracy, granting access to telecommunications systems or information systems, viruses and logic bombs, software, tools or programs of any kind which undermine the rights of the individual or constitute a security risk to people or property and generally constituting a violation of the private nature of any communications.
  • ...

This list is not exhaustive.

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