Hero mode

Hero mode is the premium mode of Die2Nite. For all the details, please go HERE for more information.

Veteran Hero advantages

In addition to all the advantages you have as a Hero, it is possible to unlock even more as your time served as a Hero grows. Make the most of your longevity...

Each day lived as a Hero is noted in Your Soul. As soon as you have accumulated a certain number of Hero days, you automatically start to unlock awesome bonuses!

The first of these bonuses is unlocked after only 7 days. The subsequent bonuses are awarded every 15 days.

Please note:

  • While you are in hero mode, bonuses will be unlocked.
  • If you cease to be a Hero, you will no longer receive these bonuses.
  • If you subsequently become a Hero again, you will start receiving your bonuses again and you will continue exactly where you left off (previous progress will not be lost).
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