To survive in a world like this, it is essential to keep a close watch on your health. Several health indicators can be seen at the top of the page.

You will quickly get used to looking here to check if you need to drink, heal yourself, etc...

When you run out of action points, you become exhausted and will no longer be able to move around (see Getting around).
You need to drink... Don't wait too long, or you risk getting Dehydrated!
or = Satisfied:
These states indicate that you have drank and/or eaten today. Repetition of these actions will not restore action points. Example: you drank a flask of water in the morning to restore your action points and to alleviate your THIRST. If you drink again today, you can once again get rid of THIRST, but your action points will not be restored.
You have been seriously wounded... Heal yourself quickly with bandages or other medication or you risk getting an Infection, which is usually deadly.
This is due to a wound, or eating something that was a little too far out of date. Heal yourself quickly, an infection comes with a 50% mortality rate, 75% in Pandemonium Cities.
Drugs are powerful in Die2Nite and have many uses: relieving exhaustion, curing infections, calming nerves, rehydration... Be careful not to take too many though. The risk of becoming Addicted. Addiction is real and extremely dangerous.
23h00 (server time) has arrived. The enraged hordes are beating down on your house, but you manage to keep them at bay. Nonetheless, the memory of such a close brush with death has left you terrorised. When in the grasp of terror, your actions will be heavily limited... In any event it is out of the question to be close to zombies! If you do end up in a zone with zombies, you will be paralysed with fear... until they devour you. In the desert, you will have 0 control points, regardless of your job or what equipment you are carrying. You will not be able to do anything in any zone controlled by zombies (where the zombies have more control points than the humans).

There are other ways to end up terrorised, but you'll have to experience them yourself.

Alcohol lets you recover from extreme tiredness, but it is possible that you will act somewhat strangely... The following day, the effects of being  Drunk will wear off, and be replaced by a  Hangover. You cannot drink any more alcoholic drinks when you are in either of these states.
This status indicates you have not taken any drugs up to this point. An impressive display of restraint, when you know the kinds of marvellous hallucinations they allow you to experience...
some medicine or something else you consumed recently has made you immune to infection! This effect will wear off just after the attack.

Drug Addiction

When you take too many drugs (more than one per day), you become Addicted! It is impossible to kick this habit.

From this point onwards, you must consume at least one drug every day before 23h00 (server time), or you will die (foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrolably, it's spectactularly unattractive...).

Types of wound

When you are wounded, a specific area of the body is affected!

  • Head: your ramblings will become incoherent...
  • Hands: you will no longer be able to use certain objects...
  • Arm: your wound stops you from working at the town's construction sites and opening/closing the town gates...
  • Leg: in the World Beyond, whenever you try to move, there is a chance your leg will give way and you'll fall. You will lose your AP but remain in the same zone!
  • Eye: your chances of finding an object while searching outside the town (in the desert or in a building) are considerably reduced.
  • Foot: no additional penalty.
Cyanide... A jagged little pill indeed, but it beats listening to "Ironic" again! Unknown