Guide to the World Beyond

The Guide to the World Beyond is a special citizen. The heavy responsibility of helping his comrades navigate the World Boyond falls on his shoulders. This means that this citizen can organise expiditions, be the leader (even if he's not a hero), and add a control point for each other citizen present in his zone.

Do how do I become this, Guide, of which you speak?

By being elected! on the first night in town, and after the death of each successive guide (yeah it's a dangerous job) an election will be held. During this manifestation of democracy, a debate will take place and the vote ballot will follow. At the end the most... Qualified... citizen will be chosen to wear the tagrget, I mean hat... From this moment on the new Guide willhave special abilities that they will be able to exploit for the good of the town.

So the Guide becomes a vital part of the survival of the town and his neighbours... But how long will this new leader last anyway???

I know, I know. The food is awful but at least it doesn't move when you're trying to tuck in. Unknown