Ghouls are partially infected citizens, but who are not completely transformed into zombies (Sometimes Mother Nature has a really good laugh at our expense).

It's really difficult to distinguish between a ghoul and a normal, healthy citizen. As such, a ghoul tends to decimate the ranks of a town if something is not done about it quickly.

I am a ghoul!

In order to survive, you have to keep an eye on the Voracity meter, located at the top right, below your status.

Devour a citizen or consume cold human flesh (in any form) to reduce your Voracity.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • eating human flesh, whether alive or dead, will restore your and reduce your Voracity,
  • you will gain 1 day of Hero mode for each citizen devoured (awarded upon your death),
  • you are immune to the effects of any infection and thirst ; you will not die while walking around the World Beyond or die at 23h00 (server time) as a result of an infected wound,
  • you can, if you wish, enter or leave the town surreptitiously (ie. no record of it in the register),
  • if your voracity meter crosses the red zone, you will die at 23h00 (server time) during the attack,
  • you will be wounded if you drink water,
  • if you decide to devour a citizen in town, your chances of being seen will be proportional to the number of citizens currently in town,
  • your voracity increases at 23h00 (server time), after the attack: therefore, you must devour a citizen regularly to survive. Furthermore, if the town is devastated, you will feel less temptation and voracity.
  • if you devour a human with a particular status, it will be transferred to you at that moment: be sure to choose your victims carefully, and not give in to the temptation to snack on the first junkie that passes by!

How do I become a ghoul?

A citizen can become a ghoul by consuming various suspicious comestibles: Travellers' corpses, meaty bones, human flesh amongst other things... Of course the risks are minimal, but are you willing to risk mutating?

It is possible to use certain products to defend against becoming a ghoul, or to heal oneself once getting into that mess such as the anti-ghoul vaccine!

How do I kill a ghoul?

A ghoul isn't really a zombie and therefore is not immune to death by "natural causes" such as hanging and drug addiction. However, they are immune to thirst and infection, and therefore any related deaths.

As in life, violence is the best solution, and will kill a ghoul instantly. Attention though: aggression costs a lot of and has an increased chance of wounding the victim. Beware of unwarranted violence.

How can ghouls be discovered?

The town register is your biggest ally. You should also keep an eye on the comings and goings of players.

Don't forget that anybody can be transformed into a ghoul! Even the charismatic leader who is calling the shots and giving you good advice.

A coalition between friends creates more problems than it ends... Unknown