Getting around

Action Points and Exhaustion

You can move around the World Beyond for as long as you have Action Points remaining: each movement costs 1 action point. When you reach 0 points, you will become exhausted and will no longer be able to move.

Your action points are shown at the top of the page, near the Help button. You can alleviate exhaustion and recover your action points in several ways:

  • drinking water (Once per day)
  • eating (Once per day)
  • taking drugs (Unlimited, but beware: It's very easy to get hooked!)

There are other more unusual (and sometimes dangerous!) methods but you'll have to discover them for yourself...

Run out of action points?

Pray that a citizen passes by and leaves you a little something to get you going again... If you're in doubt, call for help on the forum (the link is at the top left of the page)

The time for the Horde to attack is nigh... You have cried in vain on the intercom: nobody has come to save you... Your short life starts to flash before your eyes... Who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll wake up craving human flesh...

My favourite thing about group expeditions is letting everyone do the searching and bogarting the good stuff!!! Unknown