Extreme camping

Extreme camping is the risky, but potentially rewarding strategy of hiding in the World Beyond during the attack at 23h00 (server time).

The way it works is simple: find yourself a decent hiding place in the desert, perform 3 hail marys and 2 hello dollys and wait for the attack to be over...

This strategy offers several advantages:

  • survive outside if the town gates have been closed: it happens! Make sure to explain to your little friends exactly how much you enjoyed their joke, if you survive...
  • lead an extended expedition: you can make a 2 day expedition to the furthest corners of the map, maybe even longer!
  • receive a scavenging bonus: if you are in the World Beyond during the nightly storms, you will receive a bonus which improves your scavenging success rate the following day (increases the chances of finding something). Extreme camping allows you to make the most of your situation to observe the winds and study the movement of the dunes and to discover interesting zones to explore.
  • distinction: It's not just anyone who can survive a night in the World Beyond!
  • another rare distinction: for each night you manage to survive after the town has been destroyed, you will receive another rare distinction (see the following chapter: "Distinction: Zen Camper").

How do I go camping?

You cannot camp in a Small town!
Clicking the link "Inspect the area" will give the following options:

  • improve the site: you rearrange debris and dead branches, and look for a hole to hide in. Anything to even slightly improve your chances of survival should you eventually choose to spend the night here. These improvements benefit all citizens in that zone, and remain for days to come. However, the standard of the improvements will decrease every night at 23h00 (server time) (damage caused by the zombie attack).
  • hide: you settle down for the night. You will not be able to carry out any tasks unless you leave your hiding place.
  • search for a tomb: You dig yourself in as best you can, using whatever you can find lying around to conceal your presence. Finding a tomb affords a better bonus than improving the site. If you select this, you will immediately go into hiding. You will lose this bonus if you leave your hiding place.
  • using defensive objects: certain objects permit you to significantly improve your chosen campsite. Using these objects requires 1 .
  • there are other ways of increasing your chances of survial while camping related to professions, objects and areas. It's up to you to figure them out.

It is impossible to camp at the town gates. This is the area in which all the zombies arrive at 23h00 (server time): by definition this is the worst choice possible!

The increased likelihood of survival brought about by carrying out all possible improvements to the site (objects, minor improvements and searching for a tomb) are capped. After a certain point, you will not be able to further increase your chances of survival.

Be honest with me Doc, what are my chances?

Your chancs of survival are calculated as soon as you click "hide" or "search for a tomb". If the situation in the zone subsequently improves or deteriorates, your chances of survival will not be affected. For example:

You decide to hide in a zone which is controlled by 6 zombies (you will receive a penalty which will reduce your chances of survival). A citizen arrives after you and kills all the zombies. Your chances of survival will not be improved. Basically, you must choose your hiding place as the situation currently stands (surrounded by zombies). To take advantage of an improved situation, you must leave your hiding place and hide again.

Your chances of survival depend on several factors:

  • the presence of zombies in the area (penalty, reduced if you are a scout or camouflaged),
  • presence of other citizens already hiding there before you (penalty); one citizen is less likely to be discovered than 5...
  • presence of an accessible building (bonus or penalty depending on the type of building),
  • presence of an unexcavated building (bonus),
  • devastated town (significant penalty),
  • distance from the town: the further you are from the town when the attack begins, the better!
  • special equipment (bonus),
  • the number of nights you have spent in the World Beyond during this game (your first time is safe, the second less so, and the third less again, etc...
WARNING: your chances of survival are capped at 90%! no matter what you do, there will always be a chance (however minimal) of dying in the World Beyond.

How do events unfold at 23h00 (server time)?

At 23h00 (server time) you must be in your hiding place! According to your survival chances (as explained above), you will survive or be eaten alive.

If you survive, you will regain your and be awarded various rewards.

At 23h00 (server time), the zombies are particularly violent: any improvements you have made to your campsite will be less effective the following day.

Warning: if you make it through a night in the desert, you will no longer be hidden. You will need to 'hide' again if you wish to spend another night outside...

If the town is abandoned (if all the citizens have left it in favour of camping in the desert), the town will be considered devastated

Distinction: "Zen Camper"

For each night survived after the town has been devastated, campers will receive a special rare distinction.

In any case, the town must have survived for a minimum of 10 complete days for this distinction to be awarded.

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