Escort Mode

When you are in the World Beyond, you can activate "escort mode" at any time, by clicking the "wait for an escort" button at the bottom right of the user interface.

In escort mode, a Hero citizen will be able to partially take control of your character. This means they will be able to:

  • make you move around the map, using your action points.
  • make you search a zone.
  • make you drink a ration of water from your rucksack.
  • make you eat an item from your rucksack.
  • make you enter the town (if you are at the gates).
  • leave you to rot:(

Rescues in the World Beyond

If you only wish to be helped, and not marched around the World Beyond, you can select this option after having activated escort mode. Simply select: "Take me home, country roads...". (this option is activated by default)

This option restricts the escort from taking you on a grand tour, instead, he can only lead you towards the town..

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