Crimes and Punishment

When you go to a citizen's house, in the Citizens section, you can REPORT them.

This action constitutes a complaint against the citizen. If 8 complaints are registered against the citizen, they will be shunned by the community.

Effects of being shunned

All objects which are considered essential for the community are deposited in the bank (wood, metal, defensive objects, etc...).

A shunned citizen is no longer able to :

  • take objects from the bank (they can still deposit objects in the bank for the community though),
  • take additional water from the well (their daily ration is still permitted),
  • work at construction sites,
  • use the workshop,
  • open and close the town gates,
  • register complaints against citizens.

However, a shunned citizen has new skills which gives them a chance of surviving alone...

Rob a citizen

When a citizen is not in their house, i.e., in the World Beyond, you can go into their house. Once inside you can steal an object (once per day).

A theft like this has a 50% chance of being discovered, in which case, all citizens will be informed (your name will appear in red in the town register)! The consequences of your actions will be decided by your fellow citizens...


When a citizen becomes a real danger to the community, it is sometimes necessary to take things further.

Citizens can construct a gallows at the construction site to definitively eliminate the wrongdoer. To hang someone, a certain number of complaints must be registered, in much the same way as for a banishment.

In the case of banishment (shunning), the objects belonging to the hanged citizen will be given to the town (bank). If a citizen in possession of a rusty chain is shunned, the chain will also be returned to the town (bank).

Note: there are other ways of getting rid of undesirable types (murder, meat locker, ...).

A coalition between friends creates more problems than it ends... Unknown