Control Points

Control points let you know if a zone is dangerous or not. They are displayed just below the map and work as follows:

  • Each citizen present in the zone counts for 2 points.
  • Each zombie present in the zone counts for 1 point.
    • Certain advantages from this profession, from experiences or from objects permit the increase or reduction of the control points of a human being.

If the zombies have more control points than the citizens, the zone is dangerous and you will be trapped!

What is a "dangerous" zone?

A zone is dangerous when you are outnumbered by zombies and you can't leave. It goes without saying that at 23h00 (server time), it's going to be zombie party time...


When you are trapped, there are several solutions:

  • You can flee, forcing your way past the zombies, but you risk a serious wound
  • Take on the zombies in hand to hand combat and try to kill them one at a time... However, each attempt costs 1 and has a minimal chance of success.
  • use weapons to eliminate zombies and restore order to the zone... if you have any! (See the rules for control points above).
  • call for help on the forum, asking another player to come to your location and add "human points" to the zone. Control will hopefully then be regained by the humans, allowing you precious time to escape.
  • there are other ways of escaping a zone when you're trapped by zombies, but it's up to you to figure them out.

Loss of control (Countdown timer)

If the zone is controlled by humans (their score is higher than that of the zombies) and control is subsequently lost (for example by a player leaving the zone), all the remaining players will be trapped after 30 minutes.

If this happens, you will have 30 minutes (and not a second more) to:

  • flee!
  • regain control of the zone.
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