The Coalitions system allows for team play. It is a straightforward system which is also very powerful. It is based on the following concepts:

  • 1 - Allowing friends to find each other and have adventures together
  • 2 - Selecting and joining a world should be as simple as possible

How does it work?

A player has to create the coalition from their "Soul" page. From here, they send invitations to friends who can then accept or refuse to join the coalition.

Once players have joined the coalition, they can chat amongst themselves, discuss strategies and so forth...

Then it's time for adventure! The first available member who joins a town will be followed by the other (available) members! It's as simple as that.

Clearly this system demands a certain degree of coordination between the players, but private chat functions are in place to make this possible:)

It is also possible to leave a coalition at any point. The creator can also dissolve the coalition.

Finally, it is important to know that in the event of the creator dissoving the coalition, the coalition goes straight to hell with its creator.

Special Rules

You are not allowed to join a coalition in which a member is detected as being another account you have set up in addition to your primary account.

Furthermore, you cannot join a coalition in which 2 members (or more) have signed in from the same machine as you in the last 15 days.

If you believe this has been wrongfully detected, contact technical support: we will do the necessary. WARNING: we strongly recommend you do not contact technical support if you are in the wrong, you could very well come to regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the player who started the coalition joins a town, do ALL the members join the town (even those who are not connected)?
No, only players who are not already in a town will join the new town. Being signed in at the time or not makes no diference.
If the coalition joins a town that has more than 35 people, will the town contain more than 40 people?
No, only the first active members of the coalition will be able to join. In order to be practically certain of joining the same town at a given time, all you need do is choose a random town.
Does a coalition only last for one life?
No, a coalition will last indefinitely as long as it has neither been dissolved by the founder, nor abandoned by all the other players.
Warning: if the creator leaves the coalition, the coalition will be dissolved automatically!
If I am not signed in when another player from my coalition joins a town, what happens?
If you are not already in a town, you will automatically join the town chosen by the other member. As of the next time you sign in, you will be in that town.
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