When a town finds itself on the brink of extinction, it falls into the grip of Chaos. It is impossible to get out of this state. This mode is activated if, following an attack, all the following conditions are satisfied :

  • the town has a population of less than 10  citizens
  • the town has already survived for more than 3 days.

There is no law or order in a town in the grip of chaos. As such, certain rules change dramatically :

  • banishments are lifted
  • complaints no longer have any effect,
  • Robbing (the dead) is no longer limited to one object per person per day,
  • there are no longer any anti-abuse restrictions in place as regards building and upgrading houses,
  • the coordinates of a citizen in the World Beyond are no longer visible in the Citizens tab,
  • twice as many objects can now be taken from the bank (before the anti-abuse feature is activated).
I know, I know. The food is awful but at least it doesn't move when you're trying to tuck in. Unknown