Some particularly innovative or ambitious construction projects cannot be carried out when the town is just starting out.

You can unlock certain projects by getting your hands on blueprints.

How do I find blueprints?

  • it is possible to find them just by scavenging in the World Beyond, but they're reputed to be difficult to find,
  • each new town starts with 3 "free" plans left in the World Beyond. These plans are diferent from those found by scavenging, because they are already uncovered, sitting on the ground. All you need to do is find them!
    • non-distant regions: 3 rare plans + 1 very rare plan
    • distant regions: 5 rare plans + 2 very rare plans
  • camping: if you survive an evening camping in a building, you will automatically find a blueprint ("uncommon" in buildings close to the town, and "rare" for faraway buildings). Note that one building can only provide one blueprint per game (there is no point in camping in the same building multiple times),
  • there are other methods for discovering these plans: you just need to discover them!

How do I use them?

They can only be used in town: click on the plan when you're in your home to study it.

The project that it unlocks will be added to the list of projects available to the town and an announcement will be made in the town register.

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